is the main reason for the destruction of my peace.

Where does it go? How can I get it back? Why can't I stop it? Why is it passing faster? Am I making the best use of it? Am I spending it wisely? Am I wasting it? Will I ever feel like it's not running out? Will I always feel behind?

Oh, the questions... and yes, I COULD KEEP GOING. Perhaps it's most troubling, because I can't control it. I can't stop it. The clock keeps ticking no matter how hard I try. And my goodness, I've never underestimated it. I am fully aware of the power that time possesses. 


So here I am, surrendering. I am a slave to time; just watching, hands in the air, as it passes by in all it's glory.

Like anything though, I think it's a balance. Knowing your time is running out puts a fire inside of you to do what your heart desires. But forgetting time exists is when you live in the now. Both are necessary.

But in the end, time will always win. It's up to us to put up a damn good fight while also enjoying the game. And maybe we should just be grateful we're even in the game, right?


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