Why I March

Why I March

It's not because I hate men. It's not because I think I'm better than men. It's not because I'm an evil feminist who fantasizes about aborting babies and stomping on tiny baby hearts. It's not because my life as a woman in this country is even that bad.

I march because I want to support my sisters. I march because I believe when we come together, we can accomplish incredible things. I march because I care. I march because I can. I march because not every woman has the same life as me. 

I march for the college girl who was raped, lives in shame and will never tell a single soul. I march march for the 16-year-old girl who got pregnant, dropped out of high school and works at Burger King making $8.50 an hour to support her child. I march for the women who are marginalized in the workforce and not even equal opportunities and pay. I march for the 14-year-old girl in Mozambique, who was forced to marry a stranger. I march for the woman being abused by her husband but feels too helpless to leave. I march for little girls all over the world, so they know their worth does not depend on their beauty and that NO man is allowed to 'grap' them without consent. I march for my mom, the biggest badass, rockstar, warrior queen I will ever know, who fought like hell to raise two daughters alone.

I march for the future; the future of women, the future of men and the future of our world.

I march because I still have to fucking explain to people why I march.